Top Tips For Website Performance Optimization

Just building a website is not enough, one needs to optimize their website to stay competitive, make a good impression on the visitors and remain in the good books of the search engine. The speed at which the website loads and how well it performs are certain factors on which the major search engines rank the sites these days. So, it is essential to make sure that the site has the right configuration and is regularly updated, backed up and cleaned to keep the bugs that slow the site away. Here are the few tips to help with website performance optimization –

Image Optimization

The majority of site’s load is due to the pictures on the website or 64 percent to be accurate. There are plug-ins available that can be integrated with the site that helps with compression of the image without losing out on quality. Proper image optimization can speed up websites by over 30 percent.

Lower HTTP Requests

Reducing the number of HTTP requests is also one of the top website optimization techniques. More HTTP requests made by your site slower would be the site. The HTTP requests can be reduced by using less code, using CSS sprites, inline the javascript, lessen the usage of third party plugins, collaborating files of javascript and CSS, and more. These few techniques can help considerably.

Simplifying CSS And Javascript

When you remove the unnecessary characters from your CSS, Javascript and HTML coding, there is an immediate difference you would notice in the website performance. Few things that can be removed are comments, new line, and white space characters and block delimiters.

Implement CDN To Reduce Latency

CDN or Content Delivery Network helps with delivering the digital assets and is known to dramatically reduce latency. Once CDN is implemented, use the ping test tool to check the difference with and without latency. The best part is CDN can be integrated with any platform.

Avoiding 301 Redirects

It is very crucial to your website performance optimization as redirects can kill the performance heavily. It will considerably increase the load time due to more RTT or round trip times. It can potentially hurt your rankings.

These are the few quick tips to help you with improving your website performance, but there are many another parameter that collectively helps improve website optimization.